While flying predefined routes above an area or object, we take overlapping pictures. These pictures get processed to acquire accurate measurements with surface points, this technique is called Photogrammetry. The surface points and images can be translated into high-resolution and high-accuracy orthophoto’s and 3D point cloud data. These data sets can be repurposed into useable 3D models for various composition purposes. CGI constructs have never been easier to create.

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Intel Falcon 8+

If you’re looking for realistic 3D environment for a game or film, we can do just that. With the Intel Falcon 8+ system we deliver best-in-class safety and advanced performance ideal for inspection and close mapping. With a 36MP high resolution payload, we boast a full frame sensor which allows us the capture even the finest details.

2-air is RPAS Operator Certified (ROC 522017), by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. We have insurance coverage up until 5 million euro.

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